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It’s been rough during the past few weeks due to the amount of stuff I have had to do and how hours in day seem too short. I have also been cutting down a lot on sleep in order to keep up with all the work and can really feel the tiredness hit me during the weekend. Just did a lot of school work which involved history draft essay (last liberal!), calculus and discrete (I hate strong mathematical induction) and some Java (java is ok). Other things that have been keeping me busy is programming for Rizon (qchat limitserv and also looking over my past code for psig picture upload script) . I find I am able to learn more coding in spare time and helping out with Rizon then I have been just programming at school or at home for myself. There are more projects to do which are at times (lots of times) very complicated (at least for me).
Have to go now and finish homeworking on Recursive sequences.
Bye bye 🙂


Qchat and projects

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Hey all, Sorry for the long break!

Currently working on qchat and stuff seems to be going good so far. Kind of getting the hang of AJAX again and also need to get in touch with JAVA for school (argh! have totally forgotten JAVA and not a big fan of it). Python 3 sounds so much more inviting!

You can check out the latest qchat here.

Current projects:

Python pastebot


and helping with UnrealIRCD when I can


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Hello everyone,
Haven’t really been able to do much in the past few days due to some of the events which have preoccupied my precious time. The bad weather in Europe had greatly impacted my schedule as I had to take care of my little cousin travelling there. Nature reveals the vulnerability of human kind and how we are still undermined greatly by its powers. The storm that passed by Europe really showed the world how unprepared they are to deal with such an event and how a few centimeters of snow can collapse their whole system. Well, one good that happened at the end of it was that I was able to see myself in three different TV news.

Another event which upset my whole schedule was that of the lunar eclipse which occurred on Dec 21st. This was perhaps the first lunar eclipse I observed carefully and was really looking forward to. I really enjoyed witnessing the eclipse and couldn’t help but question some of the questions about our universe. The vastness of our universe ensures that we are not the only living things present and the only question remains is the distance between us and them. I hope that our great-great-great-great-grandsons will be able to answer some of the questions we constantly seek.

I have uploaded some great pictures I took recently from McMaster University at Hamilton and the lunar eclipse and these can be found in the Images section.

Signing out,

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. -Albert Einstein

Updated December 18th 2010

News during the past few days have been filled with WikiLeaks and Anonops. Amidst all of this, I was able to find a rather interesting event that is taking place next Tuesday/Wednesday (December 22/23) which also happens to be Winter solstice. North Americans will be able to witness full lunar eclipse which coincides with Winter solstice, this has not happened in 456 years! I am quite excited to experience this event as I have always been wanted to be an astronaut and love space and am now equipped with a SLR camera! Lunar eclipse info here

Another news relating to space is that of Voyager 1. It’s about to leave the solar system in about four years time, truly a magnificent feat for something developed 33 years ago. Sadly, it only has equipment to operate till 2020. Voyager info here


Watched Tron today and absolutely love the movie! The CGI was really nice and liked the story too, quite unique and just love the idea of it. Daft punk was really nice too 🙂 I would recommend to anyone who loves Sci-fi movies! You can now check out images relating to lunar eclipse/voyager/space in Images page and Tron trailer in videos.

Signing out,

“Space is to place as eternity is to time.” – Joseph Joubert

While writing my C exam today, I started thinking about some of the flaws in our education system. I couldn’t help asking what right an educational institution has to pass or fail a student. Just because someone does poorly on a test does not necessarily mean they deserve to be failed or have no or little knowledge about such subject. Using this same logic, I would like to continue the trend and fail one of my teachers for not being able to speak proper English and for being rude and grumpy! (Math professor). I hope he doesn’t find this post…

I need 4% in exam to get 60% in C course!! Well I guess since the course is over, I can post my ugly and disorganized code for the Calculator I made in C.

On another note, I have posted up a video in Video’s section of the blog and its called “where the hell is matt?”. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you watch it! A magnificent feat and truly displays the unity of human kind.

Signing out,

“Good teachers are those who know how little they know. Bad teachers are those who think they know more than they don’t know.” – R. Verdi

Hello everyone!
I find myself back here again…It seems like my failure at understanding linked lists in C has led to a total meltdown of my puny brain. I feel that this can only be cured after some procrastination. After some surfing (checking out the cyber war, and the new cables from Wwikileaks), I find myself with nothing to do.

The whole thing with Wikileaks is kind of getting boring (the way they are going, it’s going to take them 6 years to publish all the reports) and the cyber war is just escalating with 16 years old hoping for attention, like all 16 years old do. Here’s a picture after a short visit to the channel of #OperationPayback, those waging colossal war on enemies of Wikileaks.


I hope they understand that this will not solve anything at all. While I support the actions of Wikileaks, I condemn the act of DDOS attacks against other websites, pointless and childish. The owners of the group also need to smarten up and ensure they do not host their IRC servers on the same box as their main website.

Signing out,

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

Hello World!

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An exam tomorrow and Tuesday prompts me to keep this short. Therefore, I would just like to say:

#include <stdio.h>
int main(void)
printf(“Hello World!”);

“Let the lord of Chaos rule” – Robert Jordan